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Toilet Tissue

We offer a range of toilet tissue in traditional rolls, jumbo rolls and interleaved variants. Toilet tissue dispensers to suit all types of toilet tissue on this site are also available here in either ABS plastic or stainless steel. If we don't have what you are looking for for your washroom, let us know and we will source what you are looking for.


 2Ply Toilet Tissue - Trusoft

Recycled toilet tissue. Good quality toilet tissue for the budget conscious. Environmentally friendly.

400 sheets

48 Individually wrapped rolls per case.

Order Code: 400/2R 



 Regal 2ply 400 Sheet Toilet Tissue

Value for money premium quality toilet tissue.

400 sheets per roll

48 x individually wrapped rolls per case.

Order Code: K2V400



 Regal 2Ply 700 Sheet Toilet Tissue

Premium toilet tissue ideal for high usage areas. Reduces refilling of dispensers.

700 sheets per roll.

48 individually wrapped rolls per case.

Order Code: K2V700



  Regal Gold 2ply 400 Sheet Toilet Tissue

Luxurious toilet tissue suitable for upmarket establishments. Unique embossed design creates added softness with extra strength.

400 sheets per roll.

48  Individually wrapped rolls per case.

Order Code: KRG400-2



 Regal Tripleline 3 Roll Dispenser

ABS plastic lockable dispenser reduces pilferage.

Large capaity suitable for high traffic areas.

Order Code: TR-DPS



 Jumbo Toilet Tissue

2 Ply recycled toilet tissue unperforated.

8 x 300m rolls per case.

Order Code: JR2-300



 Jumbo Toilet Tissue Dispenser With Reserve

Vinyle front ABS back plastic lockable dispenser. Suitable for jumbo toilet tissue rolls.

Attractive, innovative and functional system provides uninterrupted flow as dispenser holds remainder of original roll.

Order Code: HS-JTD-R



 Regal 2Ply Interleaved Toilet Tissue Recycled

Environmentally friendly 2ply interleaved toilet tissue.

36 packs of 240sheets each per case.

Sheet Dimensions: 10cm x 21cm

Order Code: IT240-2



 Regal 2Ply Interleaved Toilet Tissue

Superior quality 2pl interleaved toilet tissue for your comfort.

36 Packs of 200 sheets each per case.

Sheet Dimensions: 9cm x 19cm.

Order Code: IT250-2



 Regal 1Ply Interleaved Toilet Tissue Recyclecd

Environmentally friendly 1 ply recycled interleaved toilet tissue.

45 packs of 400 sheets each per pack.

Sheet Dimensions:10cm x 21cm

Order Code: IT400-1



 Regal Interleaved Toilet Tissue Dispenser

White ABS plastic lockable dispenser.

Suitable for most interleaved toilet tissue.

Order Code: SPT-DPS



 Regal Stainless Steel Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser

Stainless steel lockable dispenser suitable for use with most jumbo toilet rolls.

Large capacity reduces runouts in high traffic areas.

Ideal for shopping centres, airports, education centres etc.

Order Code: SSJRT-DPS



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